Majestic mountains, impressive ravines, diverse geological formations, rich and dense forests, rapid rivers, impassable paths, small fertile valleys and among all these the picturesque town of Konitsa with its plain at its feet and numerous large villages on its slopes North Pindos.

1. Kamenik

2. Stone Bridges

3. Maria



Horses are waiting for you to take a walk on the mountain or free riding by walking on various paths in the area.

The alternations of colors and sounds of nature will captivate you as they will offer you unique moments of escape.


Due to relief and inaccessibility of our area, unsurpassed beauty routes are created, which will remain deeply engraved in your mind and are images of the real and unexplored area of Amarantos.

1. Baths of Amarantos – Pyrsogianni and return

35 kilometers

2. Baths of Amarantos – Petroneri and return

24 kilometers

3. Circular route of the Baths

15 kilometers



Konitsa Thermal Center organizes sage, balm and tea collection days during summer months.

It is a wonderful experience for young and old in order to come in direct contact with nature.

We will be happy to share with you recipes and secrets of sage, the healing and medicinal properties of herbs and rejoice in its treasures.


In the summer and at the beginning of autumn there is the possibility of demonstrating the basic principles of beekeeping.

By observing all the necessary safety rules (special equipment) one can closely monitor the operation of a bee colony (hive) by an experienced beekeeper.

Άλεσμα Καλαμποκιού


In the traditional mill of Amarantos.

In the place of Amarantos there is a traditional watermill completely renovated that can be used for the grinding of corn and wheat.


At the end of October we give our established appointment for the production of tsipouro. We start the distillation and it takes about 3 days.

In the morning of the 1st day, the cauldrons where the grapes are simmering, are set up and in the evening, when the first tsipouro is ready, we try it accompanied by local exquisite appetizers and a lot of dancing!

Παραγωγή Τσίπουρου